10 November 2010

How to get input, academic style.

A couple of years ago our administration here at AppState, as it likes to be called, rammed a new general ed reform down our throats after some very careful consultation with us. No, that's actually the term they used.

I read this little article today about the National Park Service consulting the public after their plans for the security of the Washington Monument with a distinct feeling of deja-vu all over again.

Read 'em an weep, if you are a fellow faculty member.

for some strange reason the administrator who inflicted this reform on us immediately left for a better paying job somewhere else. Before the foo-foo hit the rotary device.

I shouldn't complain: the admin has done much worse than this. Recently.

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At 10 November, 2010 21:03, Anonymous Maire said...

Sooo familiar! 1.Elicit input, 2. make the plans, 3. look at the input a month later, and 4. hold a series of "feedback" meetings where no one takes notes. Well, all those on-the-record statements and notes can be so pesky and inconvenient. With no paper trail, the Panners can always claim no one warned them it wouldn't work...

At 12 November, 2010 20:34, Blogger Clemens said...

I think we are going to be allowed once again to input our input Monday on a personnel issue that has already been decided.

But I could be wrong.

At 12 November, 2010 22:33, Anonymous Maire said...

There aren't a lot of options at this stage, and neither is optimal. It's a lousy, unfair situation. Unless her lawyer has a better suggestion, we're stuck with supporting her on one or both of the options the admin has come up with. And from what I understand, while her lawyer isn't thrilled, her doesn't have any better ideas.


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