02 November 2010

Walking the Walk on austerity

I am not convinced that there is anything such thing as a 'Tea Party' or 'Tea Partiers' - though the Washington Post did try to find them. A shame I don't have the url for that one. Most of the heavy money, at least among the pundacracy, is that the Repubs have no intention of balancing the budget nor of cutting the deficit once they are in control. Fiscal austerity? Bah. Deficits? They don't matter (I think Dick Cheney actually said that once).

So what are the fiscal hawks going to do?

Well, take heart - it CAN be done. Just look here at this little township that has really done it. Partly by cutting the police dept in half. On the national scale that would probably be the equivalent of cutting our defense budget by half.

Think they have the stomach for it?

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