29 January 2011

American exceptionalism

One of the biggest jokes on the planet. Whatever the truth once was, how can you read stories like this and not feel the fetid breath of history (as in "He's history!" blowing down the nape of your neck.
Last month, the results of the most recent Programme for International Student Assessment, or PISA, tests were announced. It was the first time that Chinese students had participated, and children from Shanghai ranked first in every single area. Students from the United States, meanwhile, came in seventeenth in reading, twenty-third in science, and an especially demoralizing thirty-first in math. This last ranking put American kids not just behind the Chinese, the Koreans, and the Singaporeans but also after the French, the Austrians, the Hungarians, the Slovenians, the Estonians, and the Poles.

I'm sure we're ahead of somebody.

aren't we?

there is, of course, a slight trick to these results. Reassured?

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At 29 January, 2011 19:51, Anonymous Miare said...

Quick -- time for total reforms, more testing, more blaming teachers and more budget cuts. It's all served us so well thus far.

At 01 February, 2011 22:15, Blogger Clemens said...

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At 01 February, 2011 22:16, Blogger Clemens said...

Yes. Standardized testing, more rules, fewer teachers, will save us. Folks learn so much easier in large classrooms or online.

At 01 February, 2011 22:47, Anonymous Maire said...

At public schools and at universities, budgets are being slashed. Resources are non-existent, salaries are being cut, work loads increased, classes don't need teachers if we put everything online, and teachers are responsible for the poor state of education. It's all about assessment.

At 02 February, 2011 20:01, Anonymous Joey Sobrino said...

Instead of cutting teachers, I think we should cut students. Seriously. There is no reason why people that are going to be truck drivers should be taking college prep coursework.

It would be helpful to get those other students in a technical field or having a survey of technical fields.


At 06 February, 2011 20:58, Blogger Clemens said...

You forget: students = $$$$ to administrators.

Happy students = happy parents = happy administrators.

Q.E. D. or something.


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