20 February 2011

Transmission problems

Well, Murty has transmission problems on his WRX which is going to cost a bunch but I am talking about a different type of transmission problem.

This kind.

The perfect illustration for why historians have troubles with eyewitness accounts, oral history, legends, and recopied texts.

if it were easy it wouldn't be fun

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06 February 2011

And now for a word about Finns


that's the word.


02 February 2011

Without Comment


01 February 2011

They aren't like you and me

The Republican National Committee, which represents the party that is going to save us from national deficits by giving tax breaks to millionaires, is itself $23 million in debt.

But they have a plan to become fiscally more responsible. Reince Priebus, the new chairman, has fired 42 employees to save $500,00 per month which would be 6 million per year.

If you do the math it works out to an average paycheck of $142,000 a year.

Worth every penny, I assume.

they have more money.

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