26 January 2012

Without Comment

If you want comment, go here.

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Without Comment

from another liberal shill - Jesse Ventura's official facebook page.

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22 January 2012

Question of the week



21 January 2012

Romney victory celebration

This evening, GOP primary election day, in South Carolina.

gee ... I guess religion really is important down here.


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I'm sorry I left you....

... the blog that is. I had temporarily sought new fields among the Facebook crowd. Quick and easy. No thought required. And in fact, none really allowed when you consider the format. Cinco is still trying to turn it into a platform for an extended development for his political thought. Isn't going to work. It's great for maintaining contact with lost friends, family, and other groups but you are not going to be able to say much more than "Hi. Just had a grilled cheese sandwich."

So, I should pay more attention to Sententiae. I've been at it for years now and it serves its purpose for me even though the day of the blog seems to have passed and the few readers I had have passed on to other venues. Or simply lost interest.

It looks like a busy semester though - it is certainly starting off with a bang with six job candidates coming to our department in the first two weeks. There is a lot of work involved, much of it work I detest.

Look forward to a spurt of posts as I desperately try to procrastinate.

you know I can do it!

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06 January 2012

Truer words...

... written in a funny article about how all the big shot conservative pundits had no use for Rick Santorum. Until, of course, he nearly beat Mitt Romney in Iowa. But one of them actually saw it coming:
The American Spectator’s Quin Hillyer, for one, was into Santorum before being into Santorum was cool. In early November, when Santorum was still pulling single digits in national polls, Hillyer wrote that Santorum could be “the sharpest, most accomplished, most campaign-savvy “It’s a good thing for Rick Santorum that conventional wisdom, especially in politics, is usually preternaturally stupid,”, and most full-spectrum conservative in a quarter-century of presidential contests . . . working harder than anybody, making at least as much intellectual sense as anybody, never blowing a debate, and never failing to stand on principle.”

Even earlier in July 2010 the same guy wrote these words that should be remembered every time you listen to a political pundit:
“It’s a good thing for Rick Santorum that conventional wisdom, especially in politics, is usually preternaturally stupid.”

So there.

coming soon: the empire strikes back ... and Santorum tanks. Or not.


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