27 September 2010

PhD humor

from Andrew Sullivan, from this place. It's somewhat autobiographical for Clemens.

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16 September 2010

Maybe I have underestimated them.

"Them" would be The National Review and The Weekly Standard, one of which I read rarely anymore and the other even less. But according to Mark Levin, conservative radio nut (as reported on Sullivan):
And on his radio show Tuesday he disparaged National Review and The Weekly Standard, complaining that they're elites who condescend to the Tea Party.

Maybe I have underestimated them.

..... uh...... nope.


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New art form

Hand dancing.

it would be even more fun while eating sea salt dark chocolate.

why yes. I am feeling better. How did you know?

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15 September 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

He forgot to close the pentagram. Now the demon is out.

anybody read The Bartameus Trilogy?


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Speaking of chocolate

Worried that you are not addicted enough to chocolate? No craving for cacao?

Here, try this.

Just remember: when you gain ten pounds there is no need to thank Clemens and Carmen.

we are just trying to make the world a better place - one chocolate bar at a time.

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New Frontiers in Science!

Scientists are closing in on decoding the DNA of chocolate.

Actually they are sequencing the genome of the the cacao tree. If successful it may pave the way for new, improved, more fruitful trees thus insuring a constantly increasing supply of chocolate as Civilization as We Know It collapses.

With that, and enough red wine....

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13 September 2010

News Flash!! Florida edition!!

The absolute nadir of Central Florida, the ever swampy Alachua Co., is the home of at least one media hungry charlatan preacher!


While the entire media world goes gaga over this startling revelation, I will point out that Alachua Co. is also the home of the U of F as well as several of the nation's most notorious speed traps.

Please discuss the significance of this juxtaposition quietly among yourselves while I leave the room. Which do you think is most worthy of 24-7 news coverage?

Carmen and I pass through the place 6 or more times a year. Lovely place. Though we never, ever, stop there.


Ace police investigation

Someone sent a threatening e-mail to the head of the Delaware Republican Party saying he deserved a bullet in the head for supporting Castle (the GOP backed candidate) over O'Donnell (the Tea Party backed candidate) in the Senate primary.

I found this paragraph from the story too funny not to pass on:
The identity of the emailer was not immediately known, though the official said that the person "wrote his name and address" on the note -- providing obvious information for authorities to use.

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12 September 2010

"Leave History to the Old Guys"

I fell in love with that headline to a mini-essay even though it was on the Frum Forum. And its worth a read to. It's certainly a sentiment I like, now that I have passed into my sixties and am struggling to get out another book. Heck, I'm struggling this weekend to get out a 30 page article.

This time though I won't blame it on Mora, the alluring but evil spirit of procrastination: I've been sick. Hard to think when you have fever and chills.

But I'm on the mend. In the meantime, read the little essay I linked to. I checked the second book mentioned, Reflections on a Ravaged Century, turned it back to the wrong library, and neither I nor the library has been able to find it.

in other words, I owe Wilkes Co. $60. I think that is now 1% of their total budget thanks to our local politicos.

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