20 May 2011

More news of the weird

That would be politics in Florida.

Apparently the recently elected criminal in chief, aka The Governor, has managed to destroy the reputation of the Republican Party in a mere 100 days. Here is an brief article about it focusing on the upset victory of a Democrat in Jacksonville:
Reflecting on the upset in the Jacksonville mayor's race, St. Petersburg Political Editor Adam Smith said, "Jacksonville is a Republican stronghold, but even with that relatively conservative electorate polls show Barack Obama more popular than Rick Scott. That election in Florida's largest city was not about Obama or Scott, but there's no question that Scott's talk about draconian cuts to school budgets and other services helped elect a Democrat arguing that cuts need to be targeted and strategic. One of the best days for Democrat Alvin Brown came when Rick Scott came to Jacksonville to campaign for the Republican mayoral nominee at a Tea Party rally."

Do you have any idea what it takes to make a Democrat popular in Jacksonville? Whatever it is, let's see more of it.

after all, it only took Napoleon 100 days to blow it at Waterloo.

Update: I didn't realize this when I wrote it, but Newt "Loose Lips" Gingrich is actually campaigning in Waterloo, Iowa. Coincidence?

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