02 June 2010

More Foxx News

This from a scurrilous blog whose biting and sarcastic tone poor Clemens is a stranger to. But just for fun you can see it here.

She's called the murder of Matthew Shepard a hoax.
She wants to change the rules of U.S. citizenship so that if the parents of the child are not American citizens neither is the baby.
She believes that we have more to fear from health care legislation than from terrorists.
She states that the only people who don't have health insurance either choose not to purchase it or are illegal.
She declares that the Federal government doesn't "need to be in health care."
Not only that but "We don't need to be in education,"
And she claims that President Obama is at the least coddling, and at most colluding with terrorists: "All the promises he's kept have endangered our lives."
And screw the kids - She voted against a resolution that affirmed the National School Lunch Program.

As the bumper sticker says "Virginia Foxx is not crazy like a fox. She's just plain old crazy"

Of course, I must admit that most of my friends and neighbors down here in the foot hills vote for her. The mountaineers up in the High Country have more sense. Or rather they know her better.

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