20 July 2010

Our "Right of Center" country

Words about as meaningless as sand squiggles on the beach.

Here is a little factlet:
To put it bluntly, middle-class Americans of the right, left and center have come to expect a level of personal financial security that -- despite the stereotypes -- most people around the world would never demand from their governments. In a book review this month, Brink Lindsey, vice president of the libertarian Cato Institute -- a man who knows what he is up against -- reported some extraordinary statistics. The majority of Americans are wary of global trade, don't trust free markets and also think that "the benefits from . . . Social Security or Medicare are worth the costs of those programs." And when the sample is restricted to people who support the Tea Party movement? The share is still 62 percent.

So where do we find fiscal conservatives? Or is something else going on?

just as long as they don't cut Social Security, the university's budget, my 401(k), or anything else I depend on, I'm for fiscal sanity myself.

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