09 January 2008

Hanson is on a roll!

Today in National Review Online Victor Hanson writes a remarkable column about Hillary Clinton. What's remarkable about it? While managing to show his distaste for the Clinton machine he still manages to write a clear-eyed reasonable assessment of her 'crying' moment. He starts out by pointing out how silly most of the rhetoric about it was. One of several good points:

The slur against her was that she was an iron-lady automaton, without emotion; so she needed that tearful introspection; it was not like a quirky, psycho-dramatic Pat Schroeder crying 20 years ago, and thereby confirming what we suspected — that as a fragile personality, she was subject to wild mood swings and undue passions. Hillary’s quarter tear wasn’t the weepy Cowardly Lion serially breaking down, but an appreciated sad drop or two coming from the heartless Tin Man.

His final point is one that ought to have bi-partisan support, especially for those who want to sign up for my "Spirit of Ball's Bluff' campaign.

The campaign talking heads and opinion makers this season have been lousy, about the worst in memory — especially the “she’s won, she’s lost, she’s won...” feeding frenzy, and then writing the silly “end of the Clinton era” essays — all based on a few thousand Iowans, some bad polls in New Hampshire, and catch-up to what some other wrong pundit wrote an hour earlier. And remember, these are “experts” who pontificated each week on the real Iraq war.

Amen to that, brother.

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At 09 January, 2008 12:30, Blogger jack perry said...

The campaign talking heads and opinion makers this season have been lousy, about the worst in memory...

Just wait. We could see a rerun of the 2000 election, where the networks said that Gore won, then that he didn't win, then that Bush won, then that he didn't win... That was a long night.

At 14 January, 2008 12:08, Blogger Clemens said...

Long night? I remember it as a long week. If they would just shut up perhaps we could get around to the business of making up our minds about who to vote for, or at least who to not vote for.


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