09 December 2009

The value of an education

This just in from the Washington Monthly.

* Oh my: "A report by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities indicates that the U.S. is one of only two nations on Earth in which people aged 25 to 34 have lower educational attainment than their parents."

Meanwhile, just about every state is raising tuition much faster than the rate of inflation.

although that doesn't explain the size of my last pay raise.

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At 09 December, 2009 22:43, Blogger jack perry said...

On the upside, at least you had a pay raise. We didn't :-(. Then, the bosses of the state system here refused to raise tuition, so we have that going for us at least. And the State is cutting public support by a substantial amount. Don't ask me how much because different people give different answers.

At 09 December, 2009 22:43, Blogger jack perry said...

BTW, it always entertains me to read that employees of private industry worry about the size of their Christmas bonus. ;-)

At 11 December, 2009 10:13, Blogger Clemens said...

Christmas bonus? Is there such a thing? All we got was a 10 hour 'furlough' without pay.

My last raise was due to a promotion to full prof. Otherwise I don't think we got anything.

Not that I am complaining. I still have tenure in this time of recession!


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