04 June 2010

Carrying South Carolina to new heights

You may have thought that Joe Wilson, Mark Sanford, and whoever is not telling the truth in the Haley affair had carried South Carolina's reputation about as far down as it could get.

Oh no. There is this guy on Nikki Haley, much embattled but leading candidate for governor:

Not only did state Sen. Jake Knotts refer to Haley as a "f#!king raghead" he also went on a tear about her being a crypto-Sikh pretending to be Christian and part of some wild conspiracy theory Haley being a stalking horse for turban-wearing foreigners trying to undermine South Carolina's God-fearing culture.

According to the Free Times, Knotts claimed Haley's father is sending letters to Indian saying that his daughter is the first Sikh in the United States running for high office and that "we're at war over there."

Where do they get these guys?

Oh yeah. South Carolina. And the Republican party there.

couldn't we just build a fence along our southern border?

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